Elliott Allan Hilsinger

CEO IN Cincinnati, Ohio

Elliott Allan Hilsinger received a BBA from the University of Cincinnati's Carl H. Lindner College of Business in 1995. Following that, Hilsinger quickly began his business career. He decided to follow an entrepreneurial career path and soon started a few small businesses after his graduation from college. Hilsinger continued to build these businesses over the next several years. 

Elliott Allan Hilsinger used his entrepreneurial skills, techniques he learned during his education, and plenty of market research in order to keep building these businesses. Soon enough, Hilsinger sold these small businesses and continued on with his entrepreneurial endeavors. The process of starting, building, and ultimately selling the several small businesses he created lasted for an entire decade following his graduation from college.

In 2009, Elliott Allan Hilsinger then fell victim to identity theft. This experience affected him greatly and also made it clear to him that personal identifying information (PII) was not as secure as he had initially believed. As a result, Hilsinger decided to address this problem and help protect others from falling victim to identity theft as he had and teach the importance of protecting PII. That objective is the main reason that Hilsinger decided to start working on starting another company.