Elliott Allan Hilsinger got a Bachelor of Business Administration from the University of Cincinnati's Carl H. Lindner College of Business in 1995. After that, he immediately began his business career. After graduating, he pursued an entrepreneurial path and created many small businesses. During the subsequent years, he expanded these businesses.

Hilsinger leveraged his entrepreneurial skills, school-learned tactics, and significant market research to continue building these businesses. He soon disposed of these little businesses and restarted his entrepreneurial endeavors. After graduating from college, he spent a decade starting, growing, and selling several small businesses he established.

In 2009, Elliott fell victim to identity theft. This experience caused him to understand that his personally identifiable information (PII) was not as secure as he had previously believed. As a result, he resolved to address the problem, aid in preventing others from falling victim to identity theft as he had, and educate individuals on the need to protect PII. This is the key motive for starting employment at a second company.